Give in to Hope Day 29: Joshua Williams

Many of us have heard about hunger, poverty and homelessness. Children hear about these things and want to help, but often there are not opportunities for the very young to get involved and make a difference. When Joshua Williams was only 4 1/2 he already cared deeply about ending hunger, but he was frustrated that there weren’t organizations that he could volunteer with because of  his age. So he started a nonprofit (with the help of his family) that allowed children, even tiny ones, to get involved in helping others! His nonprofit Joshua’s Heart, is totally youth-run and collects toys, food, school supplies and more, and delivers them to people in need in the community. Now in college, Joshua continues to participate in his program, and remains committed to “stomping out hunger,” but has raised and trained other young leaders to take on the work too. He has always been passionate about helping young people find their voice, find their passion, and make positive changes in the world.

To learn more about Joshua Williams:

To see what Joshua’s Heart is up to now:

What are some of the ways that you could help out in the community? Let’s brainstorm them together. What are some of your favorite foods to eat? Could we go to the store together, buy some of them and bring them to our local food shelf to share our favorite treats with those in need?

Closing prayer: Dear God, Everyone deserves a full stomach and a full life. Help us feed those in need. Amen.