• Racial Justice Initiative

    The Racial Justice Initiative strives to expand our awareness and deepen our understanding of racial justice, equity and inclusion; to create an ongoing effort to address issues of white privilege and institutional racism within our communities; to ground our conversations and actions in spiritual principles; and to decrease racial injustice in our congregation and our wider community. “Whenever we devise, maintain or perpetuate systems and structures that oppress people based on race and/or ethnicity, we interfere with God’s purpose and the opportunity for all God’s children to be fully who they are created to be.” Contact: Sonia Cairns, scairns (at)

    Learn more about our stance for racial justice here:
    UCC Racial Justice
    Racial Justice Bibliography
    Sermon: Antiracism as a Spiritual Practice I
    Sermon: Antiracism as a Spiritual Practice II
    Sermon: Antiracism as a Spiritual Practice III

  • Climate and Environmental Justice

    This working group focuses on caring for the environment as integral to spiritual life and social justice. Share resources, support local initiatives, connect with other members who share environmental concerns. In spring 2017, we dedicated our solar panels: watch now! (Video by Chris Bohnhoff)

    Contact: Jan Neville, janeville (at), 612/581-4554.

  • Radical Hospitality Affinity Group

    All are welcome to the Radical Hospitality Affinity Group, which supports the Plymouth community as we, individually and collectively, seek to live into the spiritual practice of radical hospitality. They invite all to salons (informal conversations, Sundays @ 10—irregularly scheduled) and other meetings. For more information, please contact E. J. Kelley, edmundjkelley (at)

  • Immigration Support


    The Immigrant Welcoming Working Group stands with and advocates for immigrants through partnership, direct action, education, and support for immigrants and their organizations. In early 2020 we organized a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border and are discussing the possibility of another one in the future. We meet monthly and we maintain an activity list for anyone with an hour to a day or more to get involved through active engagement, knowledge building, and financial support. We collaborate with other groups at Plymouth—specifically the Racial Justice Initiative, the Sunday Forum, and the Fine Arts Board. And we partner with the Interfaith Coalition on Immigration (ICOM) to provide support for immigrants in detention and their families.

    Contact: Tom Haigh, chair, jthaigh45 (at)

  • Plymouth Homelessness Advocacy Team

    Advocate for system changes through the legislative process to create more affordable housing, reduce homelessness and end hunger. The Team works with Align, a coalition focused on changing actions from managing to ending homelessness.

    Contact: Hannah Campbell Gustafson, hannahcg (at), 612/977-1262.

  • Plymouth American Indian Initiative

    We strive to nurture relationships and understanding with our American Indian neighbors, one of the larger urban American Indian populations in the country.

    Contact: Mariana Shulstad, mrshulstad (at), 612/377-1288, or Joan Smiley, joanmjsmiley (at)

  • Cuba Connect

    Since 2005, Plymouth members and members of the Fraternity of Baptist Churches in Cuba have forged friendships spanning cultural, political and economic barriers. Members of Plymouth visit Cuba periodically for the purpose of continuing this friendship. A group meets regularly to discuss developments and current events that pertain to U.S./Cuban relations.

    Contact: Nancy Albrecht, n.m.albrecht (at), 612/377-8030

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