Racial Justice Initiative

Contact:  Barb Iverson at barbiverson100@icloud.com or Jean Kennedy at jekennedy21@comcast.net

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Reimagining Public Safety: Confronting the Problem of Policing

What’s Going On


The RJI is always looking for volunteers to assist with programming activities.  Topics and sub-committees include the following:  building working and personal relationships with organizations and fighting systemic racism; partnering with Isaiah and other local organizations on voter enfranchisement efforts; reforming police and improving public safety; communicating to the congregation about how people can get involved; fostering the congregation’s curiosity about U.S. history and dismantling the narrative about white supremacy, American exceptionalism and the history of race relations; promoting congregational dialogue through Racial Justice Circles and other ways; inviting speakers on racial justice topics; providing support and racial justice resources; cultivating a relationship between the RJI and the Immigration Welcome Working Group; enhancing resource offerings with books, articles, podcasts, movies and encourage internal reflection; leading book reviews; and encouraging members to share their personal experiences and to understand their own white privilege.  Please contact RJI co-chairs Barb Iverson at barbiverson100@icloud.com or Jean Kennedy at jekennedy21@comcast.net.

A Conversation with AG Keith Ellison