Give in to Hope Day 11: Greta Thunberg

When thinking of young people who changed the world, Greta Thunberg is a name that comes immediately to mind for many of us. At only 15, Greta began one-person weekly sit-ins outside of Swedish parliament, gaining attention and using the opportunity to spread the word about the need for more world leaders to take stronger actions to prevent climate change. Many other young people saw her passion and commitment and began youth-led climate strikes of their own, called Fridays for Future, with young people doing sit-ins weekly in nearly every country in the world. Greta is fearless when talking to world leaders about climate change, and passionate about ensuring that the responsibility for improving the world does not only fall on the young, but that the adults who currently are in power have a great responsibility to future generations. Even during COVID, when speeches, protests and gatherings had to go virtual, Thunberg continued to get the word out, reminding people that as we see the benefits of science and listen to scientists who are talking about and working on cures for COVID, so too should we listen to scientists who are researching climate change and offering suggestions on how to take better care of our planet.

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Do you ever get frightened if you have to talk to adults? How do you think Greta stays so brave and confident when she has to speak in front of so many different people?

Closing prayer: Dear God, let us speak important words, even when our voice shakes. Amen